Monday, 9 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show ten

21/1/10; show 10
Cobra Killer—Hello Celebrity
Gossip—Drunken Maria
Delta 5—Mind Your Own Business (Man-Ray mix)
Debbie Smith—interview
Basia Bulat—Goldrush
Amanda Palmer / Cormac Bride—Everybody Hurts
The Sailplanes—The backs of my eyes
LiLiPUT—Eisiger Wind
Margaret Cho—25 Random Things
Das Wanderlust—Humbug
Karen Finley—Dear PMRC
Metric—Front Row
Warpaint—Billie Holiday
The Runaways—Cherry Bomb
Comanechi—Death of You
The Raincoats—Monk Chant
Sharon von Etten—For You
Kill the Dandies!—I Don't Wanna Die
Mona Mur—interview
Mona Mur / En Esch—120 Tage (Russian version)
Chew Lips—Slick
MEN—Simultaneously (Lauren Flax Remix)
SV Damenkraft—Pat Song
Sky Larkin—I Was a Teenage Hand Model
The Conscious Daughters—TCD in da Front
Lulu and the Lampshades—Clown Tit Fun
Meshell—Mass Transit
Cat Power—Satisfaction
Jenny Lewis—Just Like Zeus
Dot Allison—I Wanna Feel the Chill
Veronica Falls—Found Love in a Graveyard
Heavenly—Hearts and Crosses
Alexandra Hope—Whatever You Want
Jade—Drown Me Out (MeLo X mix)

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