Monday, 30 May 2011

Coming up on show 70

This week's show features interviews with Dutch artist Nicoline van Harskamp and Shonen Knife bassist Michie Nakatani.

Here is an early live clip of Shonen Knife.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 69

And then the rain came.... Never mind. The music was sunny, with a chance of melancholia.

CH-BBShow 69; 26/5/11; repeated 29/5
Veruca Salt—Seether
Planningtorock—Going Wrong
Liz Naylor—interview
Patti Smith—Redondo Beach
Beth Jeans Houghton—Dodecahedron
Lucinda Williams—Can't Let Go (KBCO)
The Breeders—Freed Pig
The Dark Shadows—Written in the Snow
Sharon van Etten—Save Yourself
Clara Luzia—Love in Times of War
Telstar Ponies—Voices from the New Music
Haruko—Made of Paper
The Knife—Pass This On
Gang Gang Dance—Mind Killa
Echobelly—Venus Wheel
Beach House—Zebra (Ring Trick mix)
CH-BB—Nobody's Perfect
Beate Bartel—interview
Bird Call—Lost Cause
Team Dresch—Hand Grenade
Chelsea Wolfe—Advice and Vices
Kathryn Williams—Soul to Feet
The Primitives—Need All the Help I Can Get
Kylie Minogue—Wow (MSTRKRFT mix)
Golden Starlet—In Honour of Takahashi Rumiko San
Petra und der Wolf—Jeff
Shonen Knife—Wind Your Spring
Amanda Mair—House
A Book About Elephants—Eve
Oh Land—Son of a Gun (Jacob Plant mix)

Monday, 23 May 2011

Coming up on show 69

This week's interviews are with Beate Bartel and Liz Naylor, both veterans of the music industry, in varying ways. Beate was involved in the experimental music scene in West Berlin from the '80s onward, while Liz started out in Manchester playing in Gay Animals before working at various indie labels in London and releasing important Riot Grrrl records on her Catcall label.

Plus, there are new albums from Planningtorock and Bachelorette to explore.

Here is a clip of Beate in an early band, Mania D. She is mostly sitting on the left, when interviewed.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 68

Odd Girl Out OR68 by Val_Phoenix on Mixcloud

A veritable plethora of vinyl on this show. Plus, the odd technical flub.

Show 68; 19/5/11; repeated 22/5
Helen Granqvist
Helene Granqvist
Mambo Taxi—Prom Queen
Teen Angels—Go Away
Eleanor Friedberger—My Mistakes
Cat Power—I Found a Reason
Scarlet Season—Rewind
Rastro!—Some Things
Kids on a Crime Spree—Sweet Tooth
The Smears—Moms Rock
Josephine ft. Copycat—Darkest Side of Me
Ellen Fullman / Sean Meehan—Untitled
Helene Granqvist—interview
Supersnazz—Black Cat
The Horn The Hunt—Paris
Drinking Woman—Dog Boy
EMA—The Grey Ship
Melleefresh—White, Trashy and Blonde
Cocknbull Kid—Asthma Attack (WAWA edit)
Inge Thomson / Martin Green—Tears of the Sun
Kamala and the Karnivores—Love Like Murder
Rebecca Clamp—Kallio
Arcade Fire—We Used to Wait
No Joy—Indigo Child (Stereolab mix)
Joan Osborne—Spooky (KBCO)
The Scissor Girls—Stills
Clara Luzia—Frame
Holly Miranda—Forest Green Oh Forest Green
Burial Hex ft. Zola Jesus—The Far
ChuCha Santamaria y Usted—Fiebre Tropical
Robyn—Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me mix)
Giana Factory—Rainbow Girl (Glasvegas remake)
Freelance Whales—Hannah (Easy Does It mix)

Monday, 16 May 2011

Coming up on show 68

This week features an extended interview with film producer Helene Granqvist, currently at work on the transmedia production Granny's Dancing on the Table.

Here's a teaser:

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 67

No catastrophes to report. Even managed to drop in some vinyl!

Angela Bucky MotterShow 67; 12/5/11; repeated 15/5
Sidi Bou Said—Brittle
Allison Crowe—Going Home Tonight
Amor de Dias—Bunhill Fields
Nite Jewel—Another Horizon
Anna Duffield / Morag McKinnon—interview
The Clutters—Never Know My Name
Caitlin Rose—Feeling Blue
Odetta—The Foggy Dew
Seapony—Blue Star
The Slingbacks—Hot Rod
Quasi—The Poisoned Well
Laura Stevenson and The Cans—The Healthy One
Nerdy Girl—Cast Off
Juliana Luecking—Perfect Lesbian Bar
Thomas Tantrum—Sleep (RAC mix)
Woolf—Fishing with Alita
Dog Faced Hermans—Balloon Girl
Malvina Meinier—Hiver
Angela Motter—interview
Angela Motter—isitaboyisitagirl
Rachael Dadd—Sticking in Pins
Frumpies—What's His Name Hearts The Frumpies
Thao and Mirah—Folks
Cloud Control—Meditation Song #2
Siouxsie and the Banshees—The Passenger
Lykke Li—Sadness Is a Blessing (Gold Panda mix)
Donna Summer—Our Love (Peter Zohdy and Michael JT's Chicago rework)
8-Eyed Spy—Diddy Wah Diddy
Ginuwine / Timbaland / Missy Elliott—Get Involved
Solex—That's What You Get
MnMs—I'm Tired
Planningtorock—Doorway (CREEP mix)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Coming up on show 67

This week's show features a chat with producer Anna Duffield and director Morag McKinnon from the film Donkeys, an archive interview with Angela "Bucky" Motter, plus a new installment of my ever-so-ironic feature, Pop Princess.


Friday, 6 May 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 66

A sunny spring day and jaunty tunes led to some dancing about in the studio. Thank heavens the webcam was down.

Show 66; 5/5/11; repeated 8/5
Exene CervenkaBratmobile—Bitch Theme (Peel session)
Rubella Ballet—Something to Give
Lay Low—3.Nott
Jesse Ruins—Dream Analysis
Exene Cervenka—interview
Exene Cervenka—Missing Nature
Sleepy Vikings—Flashlight Tag
Los Microwaves—Time to Get Up
Ra Ra Riot—Too Dramatic (Morning Benders mix)
Barbara Manning ft. The Go-Luckys—I Can't Get Over You
tUnE-YarDs—Bizness (Blackbird Blackbird mix)
Girl in a Thunderbolt—Nitroglycerine
Essential Logic—Wake Up
Superhumanoids—Mirrors (Captain Cuts and Grouplove mix)
Blindness—No One Counts
Alex Winston—Locomotive (Jaybird mix)
Jude Cowan—London
Rachel Goodrich—Light Bulb (ANR mix)
Cocteau Twins—Evangeline
Electrelane—Between the Wolf and Dog
Scarlet Season—Horse Fury
Muri Shinjuu—Shikyuu
Cults—You Know What I Mean
YACHT—Psychic City (Voodoo City)
LiLiPUT—Turn the Table
Ilona V—Southern Butterfly
Chicks on Speed—Warm Leatherette
Adele—Someone Like You (Jonathan Gering mix)
Stereolab—Speedy Car
Le Butcherettes—I'm Getting Sick of You
Destroy All Monsters—Bored
Jupiter—Sake (Anoraak mix)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Coming up on show 66

This week's show will feature two archive chats, with sometime X singer Exene Cervenka and the recently re-formed Electrelane.