Friday, 13 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 32

01/07/10; show 32—Queer Special
Luscious JacksonLadyfingers
sleazy, inc. operated—Glory Grace
Scragfight—Zombie Girl
Bratmobile—There's No Other Way
Electrelane—Love Builds Up
Team Dresch—interview
First Fatal Kiss—No Government
Girls in the Nose—Weddings Are Icky
Lianne Hall—Fair Enough
Lucy Stoners—Catholic School Dresses
ani difranco—Up, Up, Up, Up
(hooker)—Rock and Stop
Snowpony—Who's Gonna Be Your Daddy?
Bettina Köster—Regina
Double Zero—Pacer
Scream Club feat. Beth Ditto—If You Want It (Nervous mix)
Toshi Reagon—Yonder Come Day
Fifth Column—Don't
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—Opel
Antonia Baehr—interview
Phranc—Bulldagger Swagger
Kristen Hall—Just So You Know
Meshell—Devil's Halo
New Bloods—Fast Asleep
Malibu Barbi—Chameleon
Le Tigre—Dyke March 2001 (Reid's Aphro-Dykey mix)
Spy 51—Theme from Spy 51
Spoenk—Wearing Off
Rhythm King and Her Friends—Queer Diskotek
Golden Disko Ship—My Ex-Girlfriend's New Boyfriend
Tami Hart—Disclosed
The Haggard—Radio Play
Clara Luzia—Lucky Gal (revisited)
Geraldine Fibbers—Toybox

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