Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Coming up on Odd Girl Out 49

This week I am joined in the studio by the one-woman multimedia juggernaut that is She Makes War, about to take her bellicose melancholia on the road for a UK tour. She is bringing her ukulele and will be performing a couple of songs acoustically. Don't miss! Plus, an archive interview with everybody's favourite Jewish lesbian folksinger, Phranc.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 48

What was I saying about technical problems? This week the show was only viewable and audible on the webcam, and even then, the right channel was cranky. We hope to sort this out ASAP. But, I did my best to be visually interesting by offering some 1980s interpretative dance and a flexi disk show-and-tell. Do you get that on the Beeb? I think not.

Show 48; 25/11/10, repeated 28/11/10
Lykez at Ladyfest Ten; photo by Val PhoenixFlinch—Skin Deep
Essential Logic—Collecting Dust
Beach House—Turtle Island
The Go-Gos—Surfing and Spying
Gina Schock / Jane Wiedlin—interview
The Go-Gos—Head Over Heels
Annie Lennox—Train in Vain
AGF—Mofa (2010)
Sneaker Pimps—Spin Spin Sugar
Harrys Gym—Old Man
Massive Attack with Liz Fraser—Group 4
Nico—Evening of Light
She Makes War—I Am (Warrior Grrl mix)
My Bloody Valentine—When You Sleep
Mr. Little Jeans—Rescue Song
Tanya Donelly—Acrobat
Mambo Taxi—Insecure
Laika—Shut Off / Curl Up
Flore—No. 107
Lykez—Not Your Hair
L7—Me, Myself and I
Mo-Dettes—Twist and Shout
MNDR—Caligula (Cold mix)
Peaches—Cum Undun
Add N to (X)—FYUZ
Lung Leg—Right Now Baby
Hole—20 Years in the Dakota
The Cordelier Club—We Can Dance
Dot Allison—Close Your Eyes

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Live tonight only on webcam!

There is a problem with the station's server, and so the show is only able to be heard via the webcam: http://www.opticalradio.net/webcam.php.

Sunday's repeat should be OK.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 48

This week's show will feature an interview with up-and-coming rapper Lykez, recorded at Ladyfest Ten, plus an archive interview with Gina Schock and Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Gos, recorded backstage at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco in 1994.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 47

A few technical problems meant the first 12 minutes were not broadcast and the last 20 minutes didn't record, making this an elusive show for the listener. Nevertheless, it featured interviews with UnderWire film festival organiser Gabriella Apicella and La Moustache organiser Dana.

Gabriella Apicella of UnderWire festival; photo by Val PhoenixShow 47; 18/11/10, repeated 21/11/10
Auntie Christ—Don't Look Down
Mecca Normal—Man Thinks 'Woman'
Carol Bui—Mira: You're Free with Me
The Knife—The Bridge
Gabriella Apicella—interview
Via Audio—Babies
Buraka Som Sistema—Buffalo Stance
Ann Magnuson—Sex with the Devil
Plaided—Can We Keep This
Kamala and the Karnivores—Bone Bouquet
Lois—Long Time Gone
A Sunny Day in Glasgow—Drink, Drank, Drunk
Bikini Kill—Tony Randall
These New Puritans—White Chords (Forest Swords mix)
Yeastie Girlz—You Suck
Florence and the Machine—Heavy in Your Arms (C-Berg mix)
Les Reines Prochaines—I Like the Sound of Your Car
Phranc—The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Crystal Castles—Baptism
Battant—Kevin (1989)
Melody Dog—Tomorrow's World
Shunda K feat Shon B—I'm da Best (Surecut Kids mix)
The Ting Tings—Hands (Passion Pit mix)
Betty—Martini Talk
La La Vasquez—Kill
Heavenly—Escort Crash on Marston Street
Erase Errata—Ouija Boarding
Lights—February Air
Tiger Trap—Hiding
Scarce—Slow Learner
Sleigh Bells—Tell 'Em (Kingdom mix)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 47

Still haven't managed to do last week's playlist, but it's on to this week's show, which will feature an interview hot from Ladyfest Ten with Gabriella Apicella of the UnderWire Film Festival, plus a chat with Dana from La Moustache.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 46

I'm currently wrapped up with Ladyfest Ten, but will post the playlist ASAP.

The show was devoted to Ladyfest, and every artist on it has played at least one Ladyfest. The interview segment was actually a specially convened roundtable that took place in NYC in 1993, bringing together the assembled knowledge of Riot Grrrl and lesbian feminism via Alix Dobkin, Kathleen Hanna, Jill Reiter and Selena Wahng.

Here it is: 

Show 46; 11/11/10, repeated 14/11/10

Bratmobile—Panik (Peel session)
Flyer for Ladyfest Ten; photo by Val PhoenixGertrude—Blood Shot Brown Eyes
Wetdog—Lower Leg
Bettina K√∂ster—Via Pasolini
The Hangovers—Sitting on Top of the World
Alix Dobkin / Kathleen Hanna / Jill Reiter / Selena Wahng—roundtable
New Bloods—The Sea Is Alive in Me
Tender Trap—2 to the N
Bis—Skinny Tie Sensurround
Slow Club—Trick Question
Trash Kit—Cadets
Life Without Buildings—The Leanover
Alix Dobkin / Kathleen Hanna / Jill Reiter / Selena Wahng—roundtable
Girl in a Thunderbolt—Volatile
Sarah Dougher—Keep Me
Vile Vile Creatures—Second Storey
Chicks on Speed—Warm Leatherette
Patricia Panther—What! I'm Not Doing Dat
Betty and the Werewolves—Plastic
Hello Cuca—Rompetalalma
Alix Dobkin / Kathleen Hanna / Jill Reiter / Selena Wahng—roundtable
Bangs—Sweet Revenge
Dominatrix—Broken Glass Candy
The Hysterical Injury—Three
Norah Noizzze—Ladyfest Anthem
The Haggard—Better Traffic
Alix Dobkin / Kathleen Hanna / Jill Reiter / Selena Wahng—roundtable
Gossip—On the Prowl
Madam—Girl Down (acoustic)
The Priscillas—YOY
The Slits feat. Neneh Cherry—In the Beginning (live)
Peggy Sue and the Pirates—Hadlock Padlock
Kissing Kalina—C.O.W.
MEN—Off Our Backs
Angie Reed—Disco Telefonino

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 46

This week, in honour of the imminent Ladyfest Ten, it's a Ladyfest special, featuring artists who have played the festival over the last decade, plus a specially convened roundtable discussion from 1993, with Alix Dobkin, Kathleen Hanna, Selena Wahng and Jill Reiter discussing connections between women's movements. Thoroughly herstorical.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 45


Our first week back on GMT. Despite the strangely ominous presence of the flickering yellow lights in the police station corridor, I kept my composure. S-p-o-o-k-y. 
Show 45; 4/11/10, repeated 7/11/10
Mika Bomb; photo: Val PhoenixRed Aunts—Eldritch Sauce
Pixies—Velouria (live)
The Duke Spirit—Everybody's Under Your Spell
7 Year Bitch—M.I.A.
50 Foot Wave—Ginger Park
Tribe 8—interview
Tribe 8—Butch in the Streets
Erase Errata—Damaged
The Go Team—T.O.R.N.A.D.O.
Kirby—Star Cafe
Marina & the Diamonds—Oh No! (Grum mix)
Anjali—Feline Woman
School of Seven Bells—Heart Is Strange (Active Child mix)
Raveonettes—I Wanna Be Adored
Katastrophy Wife—Gone Away
50 Foot Wave—Hot, Pink, Distorted
Mika Bomb—interview
Mika Bomb—Magic Boots
Plaided—Oh, My Dog!
Two Ton Boa—Comin' Up from Behind
Deerhoof—The Merry Barracks
Tracey Thorn—Femme Fatale
Pin Me Down—Curious (Co-pilots mix)
Reporter—Click Shaw (Runaway mix)
Veronica Falls—Beachy Head
Helen Love—In Formula One
Angelica—Velveteen Dreams
Ra Ra Riot—Boy (RAC mix)
Akira—Frankie T
Zowie—Broken Machine

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 45

Onward and upward. This week's show features archive interviews with Tribe 8 and Mika Bomb, plus loads of new downloads and a sprinkling of vintage tunage.