Friday, 20 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 36

Great to be back on-air after Optical Radio’s three-week hiatus. The posh DJ CD player was gone, so it was back to the old, cranky one that tends to skip, but at least matches its mate. But, nothing that was too disruptive.

Ana da Silva of The Raincoats at the National Portrait Gallery, London; photo by Val Phoenix
Ana da Silva
For those who don’t know, Optical broadcasts from a police-station-turned-art-centre, The Old Police Station, in what was the interrogation room, a tiny, windowless space adjacent to the old cells. It’s a “special” atmosphere, to be sure. On to the show, which is repeated Sunday @ 13:00....

19/8/10; show 36
Mice—Bang Bang
White Ring—Suffocation (Los Campesinos mix)
Sonic Youth—My Friend Goo
Ana da Silva—interview
The Raincoats—You Ask Why
Lianne Hall—Telephone in a Foreign City
The Chymes—Quite a Reputation
Lissy Trullie—Ready for the Floor
Carambolage—Der Reigen
The Thermals—I Don’t Believe You
Lanterns on the Lake—You Need Better
Hesta Prynn—Can We Go Wrong
Cat Power—In This Hole
Holy Rollers—Swallowing My Swallow
Jasmina Maschina—Holding Onto Day
Continental Co-ets—Melody of Junk
Philippa Nielsen—interview
Corin Tucker—Doubt
Amanda Palmer—Idioteque
The Blue Orchids—Oo-Chang-a-Lang
Blonde Redhead—For the Damaged
Michelle T Clinton—History As Trash
The Concretes—Good Evening (Blackbird Blackbird mix)
Girl in a Thunderbolt—Paper Street
Geek—Hemingway Shotgun
Summer Camp—Jake Ryan
of Montreal—Coquet Coquette
Love Grenades—Young Lovers
Velocity Girl—What You Say
Still Corners—Endless Summer