Sunday, 8 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show seven

  9/12/09; show 7
Thee Headcoatees—Something Went Wrong
Cub—Go Fish
Sia—You've Changed
Fifth Column—Donna
Kathryn Williams—Fell Down Fast
Jule Juergensohn—interview
Exene Cervenka—Same Denomination
Slant 6—Victim of Your Own Desires
Come—Brand New Vein
Isabel Waidner—Critical Condition
SF Seals—Ladies of the Sea
Broadcast and the Focus Group—The Be Colony/Dashing Home
Laura B—Green Monkey
Quasi—I Never Want to See You Again
Angela Motter—isitaboyisitagirl
The 5678s—Blue Radio
The Butchies—More Rock More Talk
Laura Veirs—Wide Eyed/Legless
Miss Murgatroid—Time Theory
Jule Juergensohn—interview
Autonervous—Sax New Age
Brassy—B'cos We Rock
Asha Ali—Hurricane
Bowery Electric—Saved
Michelle T Clinton—The Craft
Laurie Anderson—Freefall
Madigan—Snowfell Summer
The Amps—Full On Idle
Josephine Wiggs Experience—Head to Toe
Sleigh Bells—Infinity Guitars
Add N to (X)—Oh, Yeah, Oh, No
Emily's Sassy Lime—Dippity Donut

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