Sunday, 8 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show eight


16/12/09; show 8
The Violets—Foreo
Peaches—Drums of Death mix excerpt
Tanya Donelly—Slow Dog (demo)
The Watson Twins—U-N-Me
Blood Red Shoes—Colours Fade
Viv Albertine—interview
Viv Albertine with the Braindead Collective—When It Was Nice
Frieder Butzmann and Sanja—Spanish Fly
You Say Party! We Say Die!—Nightswimming
Einstürzende Neubauten—Gier
Cobra Killer—Schneeball in die Fresse
Acrylics—All of the Fire
Milberg—It May Be Winter Outside
Best Coast—When I'm With You
Music Go Music—Warm in the Shadows
Fan Death—Reunited
Cold in Berlin—Total Fear
Xmal Deutschland—XMas in Australia
Anja Huwe—interview
Jen Gloeckner—Seven Maids
The Golden Filter—Thunderbird
Screaming Females—Bell
Fever Ray—Now Is the Only Time
Myra Davies—Goodbye Belfast
Clara Luzia—Lucky Gal
Sofia Talvik—Snowy White River
Charlotte Hatherley—Full Circle
Peaches—Drums of Death mix excerpt
Crystal Fighters—I Love London

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