Friday, 13 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 30

17/06/10; show 30
Dot Allison—Mo Pop
Lay Quiet Awhile—Wait
Lianne Hall—For
Sonya Hunter—Gravenstein
Phoebe Jean and Kirikoo Des—Cover Girl
Lois Weaver / Peggy Shaw—interview
Meshell—Blood on the Curb
Dubstar—Just a Girl She Said
Peggy Sue—Watchman
Brooke's Bedroom feat. Denice Fredriksson—Prince Charming
Houses—Endless Spring
Surf Maggots—Drockula
Greie Gut Fraktion—Betongiessen
Broadcast—Unchanging Window/Chord Simple
Blondie—Angels on the Balcony
Arcade Fire—Ready to Start
Flirt—Don't Push Me
Coping Saw—Sexy and Well Organised
Karren Ablaze!—interview
K. McCarty—Exodus Song
Yoko Ono—Give Me Something (More Give Me Something?? mix)
Kleenex Aktiv—Hilfe
Girl in a Thunderbolt—Run Away
Lanterns on the Lake—Lungs Quicken
Annie Lennox—Legend in My Living Room
Get 'Em Mamis—Tell Me
Stars—Wasted Daylight
Free Kitten—Top 40
Scream Club—Break You Nice
The Hundred in the Hands—GHOSTS
Here We Go Magic—Casual

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