Monday, 28 March 2011

Coming up on show 61

The first new show back on BST features more conversation from the launch of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, including indie filmmakers Lisa Gornick and Campbell discussing "flirting through the mind" and producer Alex Thiele explaining the market for lesbian features.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Time Change

The clocks went forward this morning, meaning Odd Girl Out now runs on BST. This should start with today's repeat.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 60

Spring shows some signs of arriving. If only a replacement for our faulty studio headphone jack would follow suit.

Show 60; 24/3/11; repeated 27/3

Poster for The OwlsEdith Nylon—Edith Nylon
Nervous Gender—Exorcism
Batwings Catwings—Peacock Collection
The Shoes ft. Cocknbull Kid—Cliche
Amanda Nevill—interview
The Fall—Hotel Bloedel
Jen Gloeckner—Peace Among the Chaos
Barbara Manning—End of the Rainbow
Lykke Li—I Follow Rivers (I Follow You mix)
Bettina KösterCrime Don't Pay
Caro Snatch—She Is Her Kink
Suburban Reptiles—45 Single
Low—July (live)
Shunda K—DANCING (Deekline and Pure SX mix)
Cherry Vanilla—The Punk
Little Scream—Cannons
Pow Wow—Brian
ilex—gamelan marimba
Lisa Gornick / Campbell—interview
Jude Cowan—Echoing Green
The Knife/Mt. Sims/Planningtorock—Seeds
Anna Calvi—Jezebel
Stefanie Sourial—Inside Beside
Xylos—Not Enough
X-ray Spex—I Am a Poseur
TBA—Blue Shadow
Ref—Soda Bikarbona
Paper Crows—Follow the Leader (George Lenton mix)
Wartburgs für Walter—More More Anymore

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 60

Ooh! The big 6-0 beckons, with more cinematic delights, on the theme of the 25th (and possibly, final) London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. I have a frank interview with BFI director Amanda Nevill, outlining the impact of government funding cuts on the festival, plus indie filmmakers Lisa Gornick and Campbell discussing their involvement in the intriguing-sounding feature The Owls. Soundtracked by turbo-powered tunage.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 59

We had server problems earlier in the day, but were able to broadcast without incident. When will London get warm? It's almost spring.

Odd Girl Out show 59; 17/3/11; repeated 20/3
Still from The Polish Language, a film by Alice Lyons and Orla McHardySleater-Kinney—I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Mary Timony—Poison Moon
Raveonettes—Forget That You're Young
Golden Disko Ship—Chewing Young Hedge Hogs
Alice Lyons—interview
Clare Maguire—The Last Dance (Danny Byrd mix)
Massive Attack—Dissolved Girl
The Kills—DNA
Belly—It's Not Unusual
The Dark Shadows—Denial
Retsin—Pink River
Kelly McRae—Highrises in Brooklyn
Bellatrix—Altogether Now
Jenny and Johnny—Scissor Runner
Fleabag—Curb Appeal
Elisa Randazzo—Colors
Nightnurse—Wet Blanket (acoustic)
Dominatrix—Against Human Testing
Björk Viggósdóttir—Before Sundown
Kate Shenton—interview
The Moves—Heavenly Creatures
Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion—Target on Your Heart
Marlene Dietrich—La Vie en Rose
Scantron—Sweet Song
Dede Vogt—Butterfly Wing Powder
Angus and Julia Stone—Big Jet Plane (Michael Brun bootleg)
Pagan Babies—Quiet Room
TBA—In the White
The Pogues—I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day
The Butchies—Sex (I'm a Lesbian)
The Thermals—Not Like Any Other Feeling
Peggy Luxbeurk—Sueur Froide
Doria Roberts—Perfect
Blondie—Youth Nabbed As Sniper
ani difranco—Shy

Monday, 14 March 2011

Coming up on Odd Girl Out 59

This week's show features two on-location interviews done at Birds Eye View film festival. London-based director Kate Shenton speaks about the appeal of horror, while expat artist Alice Lyons talks about transferring her poems to film, and the economic situation in her adopted country of Ireland.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 58

Back live again and both speakers were working. But, gremlins crept into one of the CD players, which had to be replaced mid-show. And then I had a brain wave in the last three minutes. But, the other 114 minutes were awesome. Honest.

Show 58; 10/3/11; repeated 13/3

Carambolage—Was hat das für einen sind?
Cover of Stalhlwerksinfonie by Die KruppsThe Knife—One for You
Thao and Mirah—Eleven
Helen McCookerybook—Women of the World
Batwings Catwings—Misbehaving
Plaided—It Is Over Toni
Les Reines Prochaines—Opfer dieses Liedes
Die Krupps—Stahlwerksinfonie B
Eva-Maria Gößling—interview
Beach House—Wedding Bell
Tattle Tale—Erica
Yelle—Safari Disco Club
Breakbeat Era—Life Is My Friend
The Human League—Never Let Me Go (Aeroplane mix)
Pixies—Wave of Mutilation (live)
Christina Vantzou—11 Generations
Eileen Myles—Memorial
The Golden Filter—White Nights
Acrylics feat. Caroline Polachek—Sparrow Song
The Violets—Troubles of Keneat
MNDR—Jump In (Discmann's Off the Wagon mix)
Laurie Anderson—World Without End
Class B Band—Don Simon and the Class B Band
Luscious Jackson—City Song
Sophia Maj—A Love Story
The Decadent—Opposition Proposition
AGF—Danger (2010)
Kaia—Peyton v Your Boyfriend
Darlings—Spit It Out
Pixies—Isla de Encanta (live)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Coming up on show 58

This week features an excerpt from a chat I had with Eva-Maria Gößling, formerly of Die Krupps and Mania D, last autumn in Berlin. I shall also be playing tracks by Thao and Mirah, Pixies and MNDR.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 57

A rare pre-record, as I had business to attend to on Thursday. We had another freeze on the first track, but otherwise, it went pretty smoothly.

Show 57; 3/3/11, repeated 6/3/11
Cover of My Eyes Have Seen album by OdettaMocket—Law of Averages
MEN—Make It Reverse
The SugarcubesPump
Sweet Bulbs—Down on My Life
The Knitters—Rock Island Line
Stefanie Sourial—Amsterdam
Aimee Mann—Par for the Course
Lady Lazarus—Kurosawa's Dreams and Me
Odetta—Saro Jane
Laura Stevenson & The Cans—Master of Art
Sinead O'Connor—Red Football
Asobi Seksu—Perfectly Crystal
Jean Knight—Mr. Big Stuff
2 Foot Flame—Already Waiting
Animal Prufrock—0+0=0
Shunda K—Chasing Dat Sound
Foehn—Thanks for Saying Goodbye
Kid Sister—Gucci Rag
Heavenly—Ben Sherman
Vivian Girls—I Heard You Say
Shirley BasseyLight My Fire
TBA—Nothing Ever Changes, Just Rearranges
The Dirtbombs—Sharevari
The Third Sex—Time Bomb
Zoey van Goey—The Cake and Eating It
Velocity Girl—I Can't Stop Smiling
Laurel Halo—Supersymmetry
Erykah Badu—On and On
AGF / Craig Armstrong—Nature's Bride
Robotanists—On/Off the Ledge

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Coming up on show 57

This show has been recorded, as I shall be elsewhere on Thursday. I can say that it includes an archive interview with folk legend Odetta, plus tracks by The Knitters, Lady Lazarus, Shunda K and 2 Foot Flame. Back live next week.