Thursday, 12 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 27

27/05/10; show 27
Teen Angels—Jack Shit
PJ Harvey—Driving
Girl in a Thunderbolt—Gun Squad
Tori Amos—Ophelia
Amelia Fletcher—interview
Tender Trap—Girls with Guns
Crème Blush—My Statement
Essential Logic—Fanfare in the Garden
Caitlin Rose—Answer in One of These Bottles
Brenda Kahn—Spoon
True Womanhood—The Monk
Mania D—Track 4
The Shondes—Miami
Cocktaillica—No Yawk
Jen Gloeckner—Die
The Raincoats—Shouting Out Loud
David Guetta feat. Fergie/LMFAO—Gettin' Over You
Silas Howard—interview
Tribe 8—Flippersnapper
Gossip—Coal to Diamonds
White Hinterland—Icarus
Raw Believer—Viva la Dona
The New Loud—Secrets
Cake Like—Suck
Once a Pawn—Waiting
Rachael McShane—The Gardener
Scissor Sisters—Invisible Light
Flower SF—Ego
Leila—Time to Blow
The Like—He's Not a Boy
Annie—Don't Stop
The Muffs—Goodnight Now

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