Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 22

22/04/10; show 22
The Donnas—Too Fast for Love
The Pack A.D.—Cobra Matte
Nina Nastasia—You're a Holy Man
Quint—Outside of Time
Sarah McIntyre / Ellen Lindner—interview
Disa—Fast Train
Sarah McIntyre / Ellen Lindner—interview
The Velvet Underground—Afterhours (live)
Ash Reiter—Paper Diamonds
Marnie Stern—Transformer
Tuscadero—Game Song
Ici Paris—Le Centre du Monde
Nicki Minaj—Massive Attack
Kristen Hall—I Have My Reasons
Maria and the Mirrors—Omar
The Shams—Love Me With Your Mind
The Degenerettes—Truck Drivin' Girlfriend
Mojave 3—Mercy
The Murmurs—Squeezebox Days
Kid Sister—Daydreaming
Penetration—Come Into the Open (live at BBC)
Atari Teenage Riot—Activate
Hans-A-Plast—Polizei Knüppel
Deb Googe—interview
Pretty Good Dance Moves—Bad Habits
The Third Sex—Time Bomb
Three Chord Whore—Nerve Damage
Michelle Malone—Dimming Soul
Florrie—Panic Attack
Comet Gain—The Kids at the Club

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