Thursday, 12 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 25

13/05/10; show 25
Dominatrix—Pagan Love
The Go-Gos—Screaming
The Concretes—Good Evening
Yo La Tengo—Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
Jasmina Maschina—Ausland
Jasmina Maschina—interview
Takako Minekawa—Black/White
Demander—Future Brite
Frieder Butzmann—Waschsalon Berlin
Sick of Sarah—Not Listening
Unwound—Mile Me Deaf
Mary and the Baby Cheeses—They Come from the Hills
Vowel Movement—I Don't Wanna
People Like Us / Wobbly—Female Convict
The Raincoats—Lola
Best Coast—Far Away
Edith Frost—Thine Eyes
There's a ..... Chaos?—Lost In Two
Sia—Clap Your Hands
Östro 430—Sei Lieb
The Au Pairs—It's Obvious
Lesley Woods—interview
School of Seven Bells—Babelonia
The Dead Weather—Die by the Drop
Iori's Eyes—I Said You and I Grow Old
The Lillettes—Air Conditioning
Jen Gloeckner—Come in My Garden
Harry Dodge—Hope
jj—CEO Birthday
Mocket—Spot for Best Vision
We Have Band—Honeytrap
The Smears—Knock Knock Joke
The Shondes—Lines and Hooks
Body Language—Work This City

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