Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 21

15/04/10; show 21
Slant 6—Time Expired
Pariah Piranha—Atlas
Poi Dog Pondering with Two Nice Girls—Rock Your Baby
Vicki Lewis / Melissa Klein—Eatin' Words
The Fresh & Onlys—Diamond in the Dark
Ferron—Snowin' in Brooklyn
Camera Obscura—My Maudlin Career
The Pack A.D.—BC Is on Fire
Dusty Springfield—I Close My Eyes and Count to 10
Sonovac—Breasts, Death and Puppies (version)
Jenni Olson—interview
Harlequin Baby—End of It All
Stereo Total—I love you, Ono
Yoko Ono—Give Me Something (Junior Boys mix)
White Hinterland—My Love
Lisa Germano—Small Heads
Fastbacks—Rocket Man
Thao—When We Swam
Gloo Girls—Yo, Blondie
Hanin Elias—Spirits in the Sky
Hanin Elias—interview
Black Tambourine—Dream Baby Dream
Diamanda Galas—See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Pagan Babies—Bernadine
Pin Me Down—Time Crisis

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