Monday, 31 January 2011

This week: repeat of Odd Girl Out 43

This week's show is a repeat of show 43, my one-year anniversary celebration. Jam-packed with interviews and my favourite tunes from the preceding 12 months.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 54

The big ol' Australian special, featuring a horde of tracks from Down Under, accompanied by an interview with MEN's JD Samson and a rather embarrassing technical faux pas mid-way through, lest I rest on my laurels.

Show 54; 27/1/11, repeated 30/1/11
JD Samson at Ladyfest Ten; photo by Val PhoenixSuicide Squad—New Kids Army
Chicks on Speed—We Don't Play Guitars
Sia—Clap Your Hands (Prince Vince mix)
AGF / Craig Armstrong—The Tree
The Paradise Motel—Hollywood Landmines (Juniper mix)
Ladytron—Ace of Hz (Punks Jump Up mix)
Frente!—Burning Girl
Viv Albertine—The False Heart
Lady Lazarus—Twilight on a Steinway
JD Samson—interview
MEN—Life's Half Price
Jasmina Maschina—City Fever
Sally Seltmann—Harmony to My Heartbeat
Jen Gloeckner—52nd Thrill
XL Capris—My City of Sydney
The Last Kinection—Rhythm Is a Dancer
MNDR—Cut Me Out
Danielle Spencer—Citizen
Angus and Julia Stone—Big Jet Plane
Amanda Palmer—Map of Tasmania
Woodbine—Mound of Venus
Sarah Blasko—All I Want
Operator Please—Volcanic (Dublin Aunts mix)
Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows—Time to Fight Back!
Seja—I'll Get to You
Angie Hart—Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Divinyls—Pleasure and Pain
Wrong Kind of Stone Age—Run Amok
Gash—Lovegame Bullshit
The Distillers—Warriors

Monday, 24 January 2011

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 54

This week the long-awaited interview with JD Samson airs, ahead of the release of MEN's debut album. Plus, more than a sprinkling of Aussie tunes.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 53

A bit of an odds-and-sods show, with various compilations taking us in weird directions, as well as previews of the forthcoming MEN album and my Pinky! mix.

Show 53; 20/1/11, repeated 23/1/11
Archbishop KebabThe Violets—Parting Glances
The Duke Spirit—Procession
God Is My Co-Pilot—Anatomically Correct
The Hundred in the Hands—Pigeons
Cobra Killer—Vitamine
Nouvelle Vague—Dusty Typewriter
Cevanne—We're Watching You
Superchunk—Scary Monsters
Glands of External Secretion—Demons on the Mountains
Lady Lazarus—Half-Life
Esben and the Witch—Warpath
Clara Luzia—All I Wish For
Music for One—A Day in Tiger Bay
Archbishop Kebab—interview
Archbishop Kebab—Where's the Spice
Free Kitten—Revlon Liberation Orchestra
Butter 08—It's the Rage
The Chefs—Love Is Such a Splendid Thing
MEN—Who Am I to Feel So Free?
Natacha Atlas—I Put a Spell on You
The Horn The Hunt—Raptor
Crazy Girl and the Dog—Seein Red
Low—Laser Beam (live)
The Shondes—Fire Again
Kathleen Hanna —I Wish I Was Him
Xmal Deutschland—Mondlicht
Nikki D—Daddy's Little Girl
Helium with The Bird—Puffin Stars
KORT—Wild Mountain Berries
Kristin Hersh—Your Dirty Answer
Spinnanes—Stupid Crazy

Monday, 17 January 2011

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 53

This week's show will feature the delayed interview with Archbishop Kebab, plus a selection of tasty compilations and a sneak preview of my Japanese mix, compiled for next Sunday's Le Cinema des Femmes event in London.

I am also accepting suggestions for the Australian special, which will be show 54. Email address is in the sidebar.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 52

A drippy January day made for an appropriately seasonal accompaniment to this winter warmer, featuring the irrepressible Shunda K in fine conversational form. Unfortunate channel dropouts were less welcome.

Show 52; 13/1/11, repeated 16/1/11
Shunda KPink Kross—Dragstar 2000
Black Tambourine—Black Car
Carol Bui—'Geisha' Means 'Open-minded'
Flore—Any King
Shunda K—interview
Shunda K—The Most Wanted
Carambolage—Tu Doch Nicht So
Pure Reason Revolution—Fight Fire
The Aquanettas—Whoa!
Asobi Seksu—Trails
Laura Veirs / Mount Analog—The Ocean
Hallie Ruth—Trees Swing
Bachelorette—The National Grid
She Makes War—A-hole
God's Boyfriend—Washers
Beach House—I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun
Class Actress—Terminally Chill
Stereolab—Moogie Wonderland
White Hinterland—I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun
Petula Clark—Downtown (German version)
Blonde Redhead—My Plants Are Dead
50 Foot Wave—Golden Ocean
Shunda K—interview
Shunda K—I Am Yo! Majesty
Tom Tom Club—Genius of Love (Pinker Tones mix)
Cibo Matto—Le Pain Perdu
Solvor Vermeer—Pocket Full of Memories
Gretchen Seager—One Million Skies
Lauryn Hill—Everything Is Everything
Caro Snatch—Up With Radiance
Ladyhawke—Back of the Van (VST mix)
The Moves—Watchout

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Coming up this week on Odd Girl Out show 52

Well, I have already reached my 80th post, something of a landmark.

Anyway, this week's show features music and conversation with the exuberant Shunda K, once (and future) member of Yo! Majesty and now a solo artiste, whose debut album, The Most Wanted, bows this week.

Plus, tracks by Pink Kross, Class Actress, Cibo Matto, and many, many more!

Here is Shunda K in action:

Shunda K (Yo Majesty) at The Hidden Artists Show in Tampa! from changbang on Vimeo.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 51

Live tracks galore on our first show of 2011. I contributed via live feedback and a stuck CD. All part of the live experience.

Show 51; 6/1/11, repeated 9/1/11; live special

Babes in Toyland—Bluebell
Delta 5—Shadow
Q4UThe Go-Gos—Blades
Candice Pedersen—interview
Courtney Love—Motorcycle Boy
Lucinda Williams—Side of the Road
The Velvet Underground—I'm Sticking with You
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Our Time
Blondie—Ring of Fire
Ferron—Our Purpose Here
LiLiPUT—Like or Lump It
Golden Diskó Ship—T in a Milk Glass
Michelle Tea—The Beautiful
Sweet Honey in the Rock—Where Are the Keys to the Kingdom?
The Tourists—Useless Duration of Time
The Slits—Number One Enemy (with Nina Hagen)
Bonfire Madigan—Locational Variations on Rachel's Song
Alex Thiele—interview
Bjork—There's More to Life Than This
Patti Smith—My Generation
L7—Packin' a Rod
Pat Benatar—Promises in the Dark
Throwing Muses—Counting Backwards
Rose Melberg—My Day
Concrete Blonde—Roses Grow
Cocteau Twins—Violaine
Michelle T Clinton—Solitude Ain't Loneliness
Blake Babies—Over and Over
Hole—Softer Softest
Spinnanes—Jad Fair Drives Women Wild
Marci Blackman—Song of the South
X—Beyond and Back
Kreviss—Sandi's Song

Monday, 3 January 2011

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 51

Happy New Year to all. Odd Girl Out returns to the airwaves and, appropriately enough, the theme is "Live". I've assembled loads of tracks from gigs, as well as the odd live track from a studio album. This week's interviews are with Alex Thiele of Britspotting and Candice Pedersen of K Records.