Saturday, 30 October 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 44

This week Josefeen Foxter from Ladyfest Ten came into the studio to discuss the festival and women's creativity. Cue much merriment. Don't forget: UK clocks go back this weekend, and so the show will move to GMT.

Show 44; 28/10/10, repeated 31/10/10
Josefeen FoxterLo-Hi—Lucy
TGV—So this is what I once called my tomorrow
Ringo Deathstarr—Imagine Hearts
PJ Harvey—We Float
Josefeen Foxter—live interview
Angie Reed—I Don't Do Dirty Work, Sucka
Josefeen Foxter—live interview
Le Tigre—Fake French
Noun—Big Movement
White Sea—Mountaineer
Josefeen Foxter—reading
Blondie—English Boys
Screaming Females—I Do
Noisettes—Ever Fallen in Love
Lonely Drifter Karen—Beautiful Shock
Megaphonic Thrift—Acid Blues
Luscious JacksonLife of Leisure
Cocknbull Kid—One Eye Closed (Jakwob mix)
The Scissor Girls—New Tactical Plan
Die Neue Mythologen—Sweet Dreams
Ari Up—interview
Terranova ft. Ari Up—Mongril
The xx—Crystallised (Neon Lights mix)
Chica and the Folder—All Inclusive
Lykke Li—Get Some
Sidi Bou Said—Twilight Eyes
10,000 Maniacs—Don't Go Back to Rockville
First Aid Kit—Hard Believer
Anika—Yang Yang
Barbara Morgenstern—Über uns liegt ein Traum

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 44

This week Josefeen Foxter of Ladyfest Ten comes into the studio to discuss the importance of celebrating women's creativity. An archive interview with Ari Up will also feature, plus loadsa tunes, past and present.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 43

Odd Girl Out on Optical Radio turned one and celebrated with a recap of some of my favourite tunes and live interviews from the last 12 months, with a brief pause to remember the amazingness that was the late Ari Up.

Cover of Cut by The SlitsShow 43; 21/10/10, repeated 24/10/10
Wetdog—Tidy Up Your Bedroom
Best Coast—Boyfriend
The Maxi Monster Music Show—Et Alors
Sarah McIntyre / Ellen Lindner—interview
School of Seven Bells—Bye Bye Bye
The Slits—Shoplifting (Peel session)
She Makes War—NIMN
Lissy Trullie—Ready for the Floor
Beach House—Norway
tUnE-YarDs—I Really Taught Me to Watusi
Girl in a Thunderbolt—interview
Veronica Falls—Found Love in a Graveyard
Helen McCookerybook—Song of the Unsung Heroine (live)
Jasmina Maschina—You Come and Go As You Please
A Sunny Day in Glasgow—Ashes Grammar
Atari Teenage Riot—Activate
Sleigh Bells—Infinity Guitars
Kleenex—Pink Hit
People Like Us / Wobbly—Giant Love Ball
Basia Bulat—Goldrush
Jaine Laine—interview
Marit Bergman—Dream with Me Tonight
Amanda Palmer—Creep (Hungover at Berlin Soundcheck)
Delta 5—Mind Your Own Business (Deerhoof mix)
Lanterns on the Lake—You Need Better
Golden Diskó Ship—Winter People, Back in Your Holes (in session)
Miss the Occupier—The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
Au Revoir Simone—Another Likely Story (Neon Indian mix)
The Langley Sisters—It's Strange to Be in Love
Nicole Emmenegger—interview
Maria and the Mirrors—Omar
Unthanks—Lucky Gilchrist
Margaret Cho—25 Random Things
Jen Gloeckner—Bailing Water
The Like—Release Me
The Sailplanes—The backs of my eyes

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Coming up this week on Odd Girl Out show 43

This week Odd Girl Out celebrates one year on Optical Radio, with a first birthday special of highlights from the past 12 months: live music from Golden Disko Ship and Helen McCookerybook; interview snippets from museum curator Jaine Laine, one-woman band Girl in a Thunderbolt, cartoonists Ellen Lindner & Sarah McIntyre, and Mother festival programmer Nicole Emmenegger; and a selection of my favourite tracks. Bring cake and an open pair of ears.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 42

Swiftly darkening skies and dying leaves can only mean autumn has descended, making for a reflective show, the calm before next week's anniversary blow-out.

Show 42; 14/10/10, repeated 17/10/10
Fifth Column; photo by Jena von Brücker; 50 Foot Wave—Lavender
The Loosies—Punk Rock Princess
The Ting Tings—Hands (Sunday Low mix)
Jale—Promise (Radio 1 session)
Clare Maguire—Ain't Nobody
Barbara Gogan—interview
Barbara Gogan—Carnival
Fight Bite—Petrified
Pram—Loose Threads
TBA—What About Things Like Bullets
She & Him—Fools Rush In
Holly Golightly—High Time
Twin Sister—Meet the Frownies
Nightnurse—Wet Blanket
Stereolab—Sun Demon
Marine Girls—Love to Know
Zola Jesus—Sea Talk
Pinkie Maclure—You Become Moonlight
Fifth Column—interview
Fifth Column—Don't
M.I.A. / Diplo—4 the People on the Boat
PJ Harvey—O Stella
Barbara Morgenstern—Am Rand
Warpaint—Ashes to Ashes
Hesta Prynn—Easy Bear feat. Tim Harri
Omega Lithium—My Haunted Self
Annie—Songs Remind Me of You (Swiss Donnie Sloan mix)
Adickdid—Eye Level
Laurel Halo—Metal Confection
CocoRosie—RIP Burn Face
MEN—Off Our Backs (Lemonade mix)
Caitlin Crosby—Still Have My Heart

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Coming up on Odd Girl Out show 42

This week it's back to unthemed music and interviews, including that (delayed) archive encounter with Fifth Column, and a new Skype chat with Barbara Gogan, lately of The Monarchs and previously of The Passions.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 41


Virginia WoolfThis week Odd Girl Out went high-brow, celebrating Virginia Woolf's groundbreaking novel, Orlando, which celebrates its 82nd birthday on 11 October. The show featured interviews with director Cathie Boyd and composer Antye Greie, set to music from Theatre Cryptic's production of Orlando. Also on the bill were readings from the novel, songs from Orlanding the Dominant and other suitably literary and gender-bending fare, capped by an appearance from the author herself, commenting on wor-r-rds.

Show 41; 7/10/10, repeated 10/10/10
Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows—Identity
Blake Babies—Star (demo)
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—1550 Qua Thrill (Orlanding the Dominant)
Sky Larkin—Year Dot
AGF / Craig Armstrong—excerpt from Orlando
Cathie Boyd / Antye Greie—interview
Jude Cowan—Lady Chatterley's Dream
The Carousel—Henry, please don't chop off my head
Floating di Morel—It Has Gone Well
Das Wanderlust—Sherlock Holmes Is Better Than You
Jane Siberry—The Temple
Scary Mansion—Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
AGF / Craig Armstrong—excerpt from Orlando
Cathie Boyd / Antye Greie—interview
Ana da Silva—The Lighthouse
Dresden Dolls—Sex Changes
Angie Hart—Funny Guy
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—Ich bin fertig mit den Menschen (Orlanding the Dominant)
My Bloody Valentine—I Believe
Vanessa Daou—Fugue States
Virginia Woolf—Words
Rose Elinor Dougall—Come Away with Me
Blonde Redhead—Misery Is a Butterfly
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—This Very Moment (Orlanding the Dominant)
Laurie Anderson—Beautiful Pea Green Boat
La Roux—In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey)
Queen Adreena—Hide from Time
AGF / Craig Armstrong—excerpt from Orlando
Cathie Boyd—interview
ani difranco—Rush Hour
Odetta—Bald-headed Woman
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—Extasy Where Is the Post Office (Orlanding the Dominant)
Patti Smith—High on Rebellion
Silje Nes—The Card House
Eternal Summers—A Salty Salute
Cocteau Twins—The Tinderbox (of a Heart) (Peel Session)

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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Coming up this week on Odd Girl Out show 41

This week's show is built around Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel, Orlando, about a time-travelling, gender-swopping aristocrat. Much to ponder there. Music includes London noise-pop band Woolf, plus excerpts from Antye Greie (AGF) and Craig Armstrong's soundtrack for the new Theatre Cryptic production of Orlando. With added analysis from Antye Greie, director Cathie Boyd and a special appearance from Ms. Woolf herself. "The wild goose!"

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Friday, 1 October 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 40

A few mishaps, such as forgetting the Fifth Column interview (will run at a later date), disrupted the silky smoothness of the show (ahem). But, the highlight was definitely the brand new tattoo (not mine, mind you) viewed afterward. Wow!

Show 40; 30/9/10, repeated 3/10/10

Babes in Toyland—Ripe (Peel session)
Mitch McEwen at Old Police Station; photo by Val PhoenixKendra Smith—In Your Head
Frankie Rose and the Outs—Candy
Tsunami—Punk Means Cuddle
Mitch McEwen—interview
The Knife—Heartbeats (live)
Kristin Hersh—Like You
Tamaryn—Love Fade
Sinead O'Connor—I Am Stretched on Your Grave
Barbara Morgenstern—Am Rand
Myra Davies—Hanoi
Janis Joplin—Half Moon
Lonely Drifter Karen—A Roof Somewhere
Noun—Revival Volume
Solex—Solex West
Laetitia Sadier—One Million Year Trip
New Bloods—Behind the Mountain
Agnes Obel—Close Watch
Young Marble Giants—Constantly Changing
Altered Images—Love to Stay
Shunda K feat Shon B—I'm da Best
Autonervous—Why Shiver
Broken Social Scene—All to All (Skeet Skeet mix)
The Slits—So Tough (Peel session)
The Thermals—Never Listen to Me
Bratmobile—Brat Girl
Stealing Sheep—Hole in the Water
Super Wild Horses—Carolina
Lower Dens—Blue and Silver