Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Odd Girl Out: show fifteen

04/03/10; show 15
hooker—Like It My Way
The Rezillos—Flying Saucer Attack
Throwing Muses—Sunray Venus
God's Boyfriend—Pond
Cold Cold Hearts—5 Signs: Scorpio
Lee Beattie/Allison Wolfe/Becca Albee—interview
Excuse 17—Code Red
The Sonora Pine—Cloister
Kathryn Williams—Noble Guesses
The Aquanettas—Run
Hole—Skinny Little Bitch
Natacha Atlas—Bilaadi
Gigi—Alone at the Pier
Comet Gain—A Million and Nine
Gravy Train!!!!—Gutter Butter
Shout Out Louds—Fall Hard (Passion Pit Summertime Radio mix)
Lali Puna—Remember
Air Miami—Bubble Shield
Evelyn Evelyn—Theme from Evelyn Evelyn
Julia + Julia—interview
Gudrun Gut—Blätterwald
Bandit Queen—Miss Dandys
The Brat—Attitudes
Katastrophy Wife—Anathema
The Scandals feat Peaches—Dogma of Music
Magic Wands—Warrior
The Rats—Broken Wire Telephone
The Moves—So Smooth
Phantogram—When I'm Small
Melody Klyman—Calico
Out on Blue Six—Examples
Florence and the Machine—The Dog Days Are Over (Breakage mix)
Jana Hunter—New Orleans Instrumental

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