Friday, 21 January 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 53

A bit of an odds-and-sods show, with various compilations taking us in weird directions, as well as previews of the forthcoming MEN album and my Pinky! mix.

Show 53; 20/1/11, repeated 23/1/11
Archbishop KebabThe Violets—Parting Glances
The Duke Spirit—Procession
God Is My Co-Pilot—Anatomically Correct
The Hundred in the Hands—Pigeons
Cobra Killer—Vitamine
Nouvelle Vague—Dusty Typewriter
Cevanne—We're Watching You
Superchunk—Scary Monsters
Glands of External Secretion—Demons on the Mountains
Lady Lazarus—Half-Life
Esben and the Witch—Warpath
Clara Luzia—All I Wish For
Music for One—A Day in Tiger Bay
Archbishop Kebab—interview
Archbishop Kebab—Where's the Spice
Free Kitten—Revlon Liberation Orchestra
Butter 08—It's the Rage
The Chefs—Love Is Such a Splendid Thing
MEN—Who Am I to Feel So Free?
Natacha Atlas—I Put a Spell on You
The Horn The Hunt—Raptor
Crazy Girl and the Dog—Seein Red
Low—Laser Beam (live)
The Shondes—Fire Again
Kathleen Hanna —I Wish I Was Him
Xmal Deutschland—Mondlicht
Nikki D—Daddy's Little Girl
Helium with The Bird—Puffin Stars
KORT—Wild Mountain Berries
Kristin Hersh—Your Dirty Answer
Spinnanes—Stupid Crazy

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