Friday, 14 January 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 52

A drippy January day made for an appropriately seasonal accompaniment to this winter warmer, featuring the irrepressible Shunda K in fine conversational form. Unfortunate channel dropouts were less welcome.

Show 52; 13/1/11, repeated 16/1/11
Shunda KPink Kross—Dragstar 2000
Black Tambourine—Black Car
Carol Bui—'Geisha' Means 'Open-minded'
Flore—Any King
Shunda K—interview
Shunda K—The Most Wanted
Carambolage—Tu Doch Nicht So
Pure Reason Revolution—Fight Fire
The Aquanettas—Whoa!
Asobi Seksu—Trails
Laura Veirs / Mount Analog—The Ocean
Hallie Ruth—Trees Swing
Bachelorette—The National Grid
She Makes War—A-hole
God's Boyfriend—Washers
Beach House—I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun
Class Actress—Terminally Chill
Stereolab—Moogie Wonderland
White Hinterland—I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun
Petula Clark—Downtown (German version)
Blonde Redhead—My Plants Are Dead
50 Foot Wave—Golden Ocean
Shunda K—interview
Shunda K—I Am Yo! Majesty
Tom Tom Club—Genius of Love (Pinker Tones mix)
Cibo Matto—Le Pain Perdu
Solvor Vermeer—Pocket Full of Memories
Gretchen Seager—One Million Skies
Lauryn Hill—Everything Is Everything
Caro Snatch—Up With Radiance
Ladyhawke—Back of the Van (VST mix)
The Moves—Watchout

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