Friday, 7 January 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 51

Live tracks galore on our first show of 2011. I contributed via live feedback and a stuck CD. All part of the live experience.

Show 51; 6/1/11, repeated 9/1/11; live special

Babes in Toyland—Bluebell
Delta 5—Shadow
Q4UThe Go-Gos—Blades
Candice Pedersen—interview
Courtney Love—Motorcycle Boy
Lucinda Williams—Side of the Road
The Velvet Underground—I'm Sticking with You
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Our Time
Blondie—Ring of Fire
Ferron—Our Purpose Here
LiLiPUT—Like or Lump It
Golden Diskó Ship—T in a Milk Glass
Michelle Tea—The Beautiful
Sweet Honey in the Rock—Where Are the Keys to the Kingdom?
The Tourists—Useless Duration of Time
The Slits—Number One Enemy (with Nina Hagen)
Bonfire Madigan—Locational Variations on Rachel's Song
Alex Thiele—interview
Bjork—There's More to Life Than This
Patti Smith—My Generation
L7—Packin' a Rod
Pat Benatar—Promises in the Dark
Throwing Muses—Counting Backwards
Rose Melberg—My Day
Concrete Blonde—Roses Grow
Cocteau Twins—Violaine
Michelle T Clinton—Solitude Ain't Loneliness
Blake Babies—Over and Over
Hole—Softer Softest
Spinnanes—Jad Fair Drives Women Wild
Marci Blackman—Song of the South
X—Beyond and Back
Kreviss—Sandi's Song

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