Saturday, 30 October 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 44

This week Josefeen Foxter from Ladyfest Ten came into the studio to discuss the festival and women's creativity. Cue much merriment. Don't forget: UK clocks go back this weekend, and so the show will move to GMT.

Show 44; 28/10/10, repeated 31/10/10
Josefeen FoxterLo-Hi—Lucy
TGV—So this is what I once called my tomorrow
Ringo Deathstarr—Imagine Hearts
PJ Harvey—We Float
Josefeen Foxter—live interview
Angie Reed—I Don't Do Dirty Work, Sucka
Josefeen Foxter—live interview
Le Tigre—Fake French
Noun—Big Movement
White Sea—Mountaineer
Josefeen Foxter—reading
Blondie—English Boys
Screaming Females—I Do
Noisettes—Ever Fallen in Love
Lonely Drifter Karen—Beautiful Shock
Megaphonic Thrift—Acid Blues
Luscious JacksonLife of Leisure
Cocknbull Kid—One Eye Closed (Jakwob mix)
The Scissor Girls—New Tactical Plan
Die Neue Mythologen—Sweet Dreams
Ari Up—interview
Terranova ft. Ari Up—Mongril
The xx—Crystallised (Neon Lights mix)
Chica and the Folder—All Inclusive
Lykke Li—Get Some
Sidi Bou Said—Twilight Eyes
10,000 Maniacs—Don't Go Back to Rockville
First Aid Kit—Hard Believer
Anika—Yang Yang
Barbara Morgenstern—Über uns liegt ein Traum

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