Friday, 15 October 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 42

Swiftly darkening skies and dying leaves can only mean autumn has descended, making for a reflective show, the calm before next week's anniversary blow-out.

Show 42; 14/10/10, repeated 17/10/10
Fifth Column; photo by Jena von Brücker; 50 Foot Wave—Lavender
The Loosies—Punk Rock Princess
The Ting Tings—Hands (Sunday Low mix)
Jale—Promise (Radio 1 session)
Clare Maguire—Ain't Nobody
Barbara Gogan—interview
Barbara Gogan—Carnival
Fight Bite—Petrified
Pram—Loose Threads
TBA—What About Things Like Bullets
She & Him—Fools Rush In
Holly Golightly—High Time
Twin Sister—Meet the Frownies
Nightnurse—Wet Blanket
Stereolab—Sun Demon
Marine Girls—Love to Know
Zola Jesus—Sea Talk
Pinkie Maclure—You Become Moonlight
Fifth Column—interview
Fifth Column—Don't
M.I.A. / Diplo—4 the People on the Boat
PJ Harvey—O Stella
Barbara Morgenstern—Am Rand
Warpaint—Ashes to Ashes
Hesta Prynn—Easy Bear feat. Tim Harri
Omega Lithium—My Haunted Self
Annie—Songs Remind Me of You (Swiss Donnie Sloan mix)
Adickdid—Eye Level
Laurel Halo—Metal Confection
CocoRosie—RIP Burn Face
MEN—Off Our Backs (Lemonade mix)
Caitlin Crosby—Still Have My Heart

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