Friday, 8 October 2010

Odd Girl Out: show 41


Virginia WoolfThis week Odd Girl Out went high-brow, celebrating Virginia Woolf's groundbreaking novel, Orlando, which celebrates its 82nd birthday on 11 October. The show featured interviews with director Cathie Boyd and composer Antye Greie, set to music from Theatre Cryptic's production of Orlando. Also on the bill were readings from the novel, songs from Orlanding the Dominant and other suitably literary and gender-bending fare, capped by an appearance from the author herself, commenting on wor-r-rds.

Show 41; 7/10/10, repeated 10/10/10
Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows—Identity
Blake Babies—Star (demo)
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—1550 Qua Thrill (Orlanding the Dominant)
Sky Larkin—Year Dot
AGF / Craig Armstrong—excerpt from Orlando
Cathie Boyd / Antye Greie—interview
Jude Cowan—Lady Chatterley's Dream
The Carousel—Henry, please don't chop off my head
Floating di Morel—It Has Gone Well
Das Wanderlust—Sherlock Holmes Is Better Than You
Jane Siberry—The Temple
Scary Mansion—Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
AGF / Craig Armstrong—excerpt from Orlando
Cathie Boyd / Antye Greie—interview
Ana da Silva—The Lighthouse
Dresden Dolls—Sex Changes
Angie Hart—Funny Guy
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—Ich bin fertig mit den Menschen (Orlanding the Dominant)
My Bloody Valentine—I Believe
Vanessa Daou—Fugue States
Virginia Woolf—Words
Rose Elinor Dougall—Come Away with Me
Blonde Redhead—Misery Is a Butterfly
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—This Very Moment (Orlanding the Dominant)
Laurie Anderson—Beautiful Pea Green Boat
La Roux—In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey)
Queen Adreena—Hide from Time
AGF / Craig Armstrong—excerpt from Orlando
Cathie Boyd—interview
ani difranco—Rush Hour
Odetta—Bald-headed Woman
Gustav / Sissy Boyz / SV Damenkraft—Extasy Where Is the Post Office (Orlanding the Dominant)
Patti Smith—High on Rebellion
Silje Nes—The Card House
Eternal Summers—A Salty Salute
Cocteau Twins—The Tinderbox (of a Heart) (Peel Session)

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