Saturday, 9 July 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 72

Back with a bang, plus a new mic and pop shield. Woo-hoo!

Show 72; 7/7/11; repeated 10/7
Melissa EtheridgeBuffalo Daughter—Cold Summer
Micachu and the Shapes—Low Dogg (Stone Lions mix)
Melissa Etheridge—interview
Melissa Etheridge—Angels Would Fall Down (KBCO)
Le Corbeau—Black Belvedere
Autoclave—Go Far
CREEP—You (Planningtorock mix)
Mr. Little Jeans—The Suburbs
Houses—Endless Spring
Myra Davies—Worm
Sofia Talvik—Glow
Billy Laswell's Material and Nona Hendryx—Bustin' Out
Tidelands—Holy Grail
Kaia—The World's Greatest Haircut
Hello Cuca—Doo-Wah-Da
Planningtorock—Black Thumber
Boryana Rossa—interview
Scarlet Season—History of Violence
Cristina—Drive My Car
The Dark Shadows—Blame...
Telepathe—Throw Away This
AGF ft. Barbara Morgenstern—Entworfene Gedanken
Klima—Something Good
Ô Paon—Le Dernier Mot
Kelly Rowland—Motivation (Kid Sister mix)
Yeastie Girlz—Put a Lid on It
Viv Albertine—I Don't Believe in Love
S.C.U.M.—Summon the Sound (Purity Ring mix)
Jessica 6—East West Funk

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