Friday, 10 June 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 71

Recorded on Monday to go out Thursday, because of the station holiday, this was a languid, spectral show. The next three weeks will be repeats from earlier in the year, so check back.

Show 71; 9/6/11; repeated 12/6
Gina Birch at National Portrait Gallery; photo by Val PhoenixThrowing Muses—Finished
Sarah McLachlan—Building a Mystery (KBCO)
TBA—Whatever Falls Is Sumptuous
Petra Schrenzer—interview
Petra und der Wolf—Priorities
Anni Rossi—Are You That Somebody?
The Pack A.D.—Everyone Looks Like Everyone
Odessa Chen—Houses Are Knowing (Don't Wake the Dawn)
gold-bears—Record Store
Lizzy Mercier Descloux—Hard-Boiled Babe
Pram—Sleepy Sweet
Rebecca Clamp—Here We Are
Pretty Girls Make Graves—Parade
Shunda K ft Tan—My Light
The Clutters—I'm Bitter
The Black Madonna—Stay
Gina Birch—interview
The Raincoats—Odyshape
Danielle Doyle—Seventeen
Scarlet Season—Something I Can Feel
Ciccone Youth—Into the Groove(y)
CREEP—Days (Azari & III mix)
DJ Lobsterdust—Policy of Dance (Depeche Mode v. Lady GaGa)
Planningtorock—I Am Your Man
Jude Cowan—Post-Tsunami
Clara Luzia—Release the Sea
Kito and Reija Lee—This City (Asa and KOAN Sound mix)

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