Saturday, 21 May 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 68

Odd Girl Out OR68 by Val_Phoenix on Mixcloud

A veritable plethora of vinyl on this show. Plus, the odd technical flub.

Show 68; 19/5/11; repeated 22/5
Helen Granqvist
Helene Granqvist
Mambo Taxi—Prom Queen
Teen Angels—Go Away
Eleanor Friedberger—My Mistakes
Cat Power—I Found a Reason
Scarlet Season—Rewind
Rastro!—Some Things
Kids on a Crime Spree—Sweet Tooth
The Smears—Moms Rock
Josephine ft. Copycat—Darkest Side of Me
Ellen Fullman / Sean Meehan—Untitled
Helene Granqvist—interview
Supersnazz—Black Cat
The Horn The Hunt—Paris
Drinking Woman—Dog Boy
EMA—The Grey Ship
Melleefresh—White, Trashy and Blonde
Cocknbull Kid—Asthma Attack (WAWA edit)
Inge Thomson / Martin Green—Tears of the Sun
Kamala and the Karnivores—Love Like Murder
Rebecca Clamp—Kallio
Arcade Fire—We Used to Wait
No Joy—Indigo Child (Stereolab mix)
Joan Osborne—Spooky (KBCO)
The Scissor Girls—Stills
Clara Luzia—Frame
Holly Miranda—Forest Green Oh Forest Green
Burial Hex ft. Zola Jesus—The Far
ChuCha Santamaria y Usted—Fiebre Tropical
Robyn—Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me mix)
Giana Factory—Rainbow Girl (Glasvegas remake)
Freelance Whales—Hannah (Easy Does It mix)

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