Friday, 15 April 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 63

Jude Cowan graced the studio, performing poems from her new collection,
For the Messengers, as well as two songs improvised from news stories drawn from the Reuters archive.

Show 63; 14/4/11; repeated 17/4
Jude Cowan at Old Police Station; photo by Val PhoenixLadytron—Playgirl
Tarnation—Tell Me It's Not So
Sleepy Vikings—Twin Peaks
Jude Cowan—Ah, Sunflower!
Jude Cowan—interview + poems
Freschard—Life in Vain
Kill the Dandies!—Sand
Jude Cowan—interview + songs
Sneaker Pimps—Roll On
Milenasong—Love Will Appear
Strawberry Story—Think of Me
The Coathangers—Hurricane
The Action Time—The World Is Against Us
Internal/External feat. Kathleen Hanna—Stepping up to the Mic
TBA—Deeply Superficial
Addie Brik—No
Atari Teenage Riot—Blood in My Eyes
French Horn Rebellion—What I Want (JD Samson's Eva Hesse mix)
Noblesse Oblige—Moonchild
AGF / Craig Armstrong—Konstantinopolis
Lotte KestnerNurse
Rebecca Clamp—St. Wilgefortis
NY Loose—Spit
Cocknbull Kid—Asthma Attack
Nite Jewel—Am I Real
The Do—Too Insistent

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