Friday, 18 February 2011

Odd Girl Out: show 55

Delayed from last week and, I hope, worth waiting for, even with the unwanted feedback and slow transitions. Featuring a world premiere for The Strumpettes and an inadvertent l-u-r-v-e set two-thirds through.

YARNfest posterShow 55; 17/2/11, repeated 20/2/11
Crass—Where Next, Columbus?
The Raincoats—Adventures Close to Home
Best Coast—When You Wake Up
ESG—Dance to the Beat of Moody
Gemma Mitchell—interview
The Strumpettes—Sing Sing Sing
Sofia Talvik—You Plate Your Heart with Gold (remix)
Gail Ann Dorsey—Losing You
Quiet Lights—No More Canyons
The Hundred in the Hands—Dressed in Dresden
The Ladybugs—How Do You Do It?
YarleN—Portal to Portal
Noblesse Oblige—Equinox
Sleigh Bells—Tell 'Em (Diplo mix)
Kristin Hersh—Speedbath
Lykke Li—I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek mix)
Quickspace—Ennio's Blues
Gillian Gaar—interview
Juliana Hatfield—Everybody Loves Me But You
Eternal Summers—Pure Affection
Gudrun Gut—Rock Bottom Riser
Amanda Palmer—Vegemite (The Black Death)
The Termites—Tell Me
Megan Washington—Clementine
Batwings Catwings—Endless Summer
Missy Elliott—Take Ur Clothes Off
Floating di Morel—Seek You
Metal Mother—Billy Cruz
Sleeping Dogs—I Got My Tan in El Salvador
The Go! Team—Buy Nothing Day
The Softies—Fragile Don't Crush
Yuck—Coconut Bible

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